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ritzyfoxx wrote in ritzyfox

Please make sure you have read my policies! By making a purchase you are agreeing that you have read and agree to my policies in their entirety.

NO HOLDS. (Unless you are on my LJ friends list and/or speak to me frequently on AIM.)

Use ctrl+f (windows) command+f (mac) to find your favorite Pokemon!

Settei A
SOLD: Brock

Settei B

Settei C
$5/each EXCEPT the one in the middle of the bottom row which is $15 for being a metagross "roll" sequence.
SOLD: Ash/Pikachu

Settei D

Settei E
Seviper (top row, left): $10
Seviper (top row, middle): $20
Seviper (top row, right): $5
Seviper (bottom row, left): $10
Seviper (bottom row, middle): $20
Turtwig: SOLD

Settei F
Aipom: SOLD
Piplup: $5
Turtwig: SOLD
Hitmonchan: SOLD
Nosepass: $8
Tauros: SOLD

Settei G
Metagross: $20
Pachirisu: SOLD
Buneary: $15
Glameow: SOLD
Torterra: $10
Burmy: $5

Settei H
Piplup: $5

Bronze Metal Figures
Machamp: $0.50
Onix: $1
Caterpie: $2
Kakuna: $2
Machop: $0.50
Dratini: $10
Quagsire: $5

Not-shiny Gold Metal Figures
Machamp: $0.50
Wigglytuff: $2
Lickitung: $2
Happiny: $0.50

Gunmetal Grey Metal Figures
Koffing: $3
Venomoth: $2
Meowtwo: $10

Metal Figures
Lickitung: $2
Clefable: $1
Rhydon: $3
Onix: $2
Shuppet: $10

Silver Keshimon
These are about 1/2 the size of regular metal figures and quite rare.
Snorlax: $3
Kangaskhan: $10
Wartortle: $25
Mewtwo: $30
Chansey: $3
Mew: $30
Growlithe: $30
Pikachu (normal): $3
Hypno: $3
Jigglypuff: $5 --HOLD: zeal
Lapras: $10
Squirtle: $5
Bulbasaur: $10
Pidgeotto: $10
Vulpix: $40
Diglett: $10
Pikachu (arms raised): $3
Farfetch'd: $30
Charmelon: $5
Drowzee: $3
Ivysaur: $10

Gold Keshimon
Like silver keshimon only a crapload more rare
Pikachu (normal): $5
Charmander: $10
Growlithe: $50
Mew: $40
Moltres: $20
Articuno: $20
Chansey: $10
Pikachu (sitting): $10
Hypno: $5
Snorlax: $5

Suction-cup Figures
Chikorita x2: $3/ea.
Charizard x2: $8/ea.
Skitty x2: $5/ea.
Grovyle: $3
Blastoise: $3
Blaziken: $10
Zigzagoon: SOLD
Spheal: $8
Totodile: $8
Feraligatr: SOLD
Bellossom: $3
Zapdos: $10
Articuno: SOLD
Ho-oh: SOLD
Clefairy: SOLD
Mew: $10
Lugia: $20

Suction-cup Figures
Forretress x2: $0.50/ea.
Munchlax x2: $2/ea.
Cacnea x2: SOLD OUT
Pikachu: $2
Heracross: SOLD
Squirtle: $3
Lotad: SOLD
Feebas: $2
Bulbasaur: SOLD
Mime Jr.: $2
Luvdisc: $5
Plusle/Minun SET (will not separate): SOLD
Swellow: $5
Phanpy: $5

Chou Get
Arceus (Fist): $8
Arceus (Ice): SOLD
Arceus (Insect): $8
Eevee: SOLD
Unown x2: $3/ea.
Arceus (Sky): SOLD
Arceus (Psychic): SOLD
Skamory: $8
Gligar: $3
Togepi: SOLD
Togetic: SOLD
Lugia: $8

Chou Get
Chikorita x2: $2/ea.
Bayleef: $5
Meganium: $5
Totodile x1: $5/ea.
Croconaw x2: $5/ea.
Feraligatr: $5
Ho-oh (wings out): $5
Ho-oh (wings up): $5
Entei: $5
Cyndaquil: SOLD

Chikorita (clear): $5
Totodile: SOLD
Cyndaquil: $8
Moltres (clear): $3
Golbat: SOLD
Celebi: SOLD
Misdreavus: SOLD

Eevee Chocopoh: $10
Jigglypuff Chocopoh: $5
Articuno Chocopoh: SOLD
Charmander Chocopoh: $5
Sceptile Candy Figure: SOLD
Mudkip Candy Figure: SOLD
Mew FCS (clear): SOLD
Vulpix FCS: $4
Squirtle FCS: $1
Swampert Candy Figure: SOLD
Rayquaza Candy Figure: $3
Kyogre Candy Figure: SOLD

MIP Shiny Garchomp Tomy: SOLD
Posable Ampharos: $20
Latias BottleCap Figure (no cap): SOLD
Hasbro Zangoose (light mark on tail): SOLD
Chikorita Mini Gachapon Machine: SOLD
Metalic Magikarp: SOLD
"Grabby hands" Croconaw: SOLD
Grey Metal Arcanine: $10
Buizel Soap Figure: $3
Chikorita Magnet: $3

Vaporeon x2: $8/ea.
Mewtwo: SOLD
Eevee (clear): SOLD
Darkrai: $5
Regice: $5
Groudon: $5
Growlithe x1: $5/ea.
Lugia: $5
Ho-oh: $5
Totodile (mark on nose): $3

Pencil Toppers
Deoxys: $1
Dugtrio: SOLD
Charizard: SOLD
Charmander: $3
Latias: $5
Pikachu: SOLD
Moltres: $3
Treecko (attacking): SOLD
Treecko (arms up): SOLD
Claydol: SOLD
Vigoroth: $3
Espeon: SOLD

Keshi & MiniModels
Porygon: SOLD
Vaporeon: $10
Sandslash: SOLD
Tentacool: $0.50
Nidoqueen (mark on horn): $1
Onix: $1
Charizard: $3
Charmander (red): $2
Charmander (green): $2
Seadra: $2
Poliwhirl: $1

Salamence: SOLD
Treecko: SOLD
Registeel: $2
Grumpig: SOLD
Gorebyss: $1
Ho-oh: $5
Latios: SOLD
Sceptile: SOLD
Carvanha: SOLD

Misdreavus line + Shuckle (MIP): $15
Bidoof line + Pachirisu (MIP): SOLD
Skitty line (baseless): $20
Zigzagoon line (baseless): $20

Groudon Soap Figure: $5
Rayquaza Soap Figure: SOLD
Pikachu Soap Figure: SOLD
Treecko Soap Figure x1: $1/ea.
Salamence Soap Figure: SOLD
Mewtwo MiniCot: SOLD
Arcicune ChibiPoke Model: $10
Lapras ChibiPoke Model: $5
Clefairy ChibiPoke Model: SOLD
Oddish ChibiPoke Model: $2
Vulpix ChibiPoke Model: SOLD OUT
Flareon ChibiPoke Model: $30
Togepi ChibiPoke Model (MIP): $2

151 Metal Swing Keychains
Mewtwo: $20
Sandslash: SOLD
Venusaur: $5
Meowth: $5
Ivysaur: $5
Gastly: SOLD
Snorlax: $2
Pikachu: SOLD
Kingler: SOLD
Hitmonchan: SOLD
Rhydon: $5
Shellder: $1
Diglett: $3

"Movable" Keychains
Togepi (PokeBall shifts): $3
Charizard (Tail shifts): $10
Pikachu w/PokeBall: SOLD

Regirock: SOLD
Pikachu: $0.50
Weavile (mark on eye): SOLD
Weavile: SOLD
Lucario: SOLD

Evolution Keychains
Squirtle/Blastoise: $4
Bulbasaur/Venusaur: SOLD
Very Loved Keychains
Articuno (no chain, has hook for chain): $1
Raichu: SOLD

Metal Keychains (w/chains)
Pikachu: $2
Psyduck: $5
Dragonite: $15

Bell Keychains
Mudkip: SOLD
Pikachu: $3
Minun x2: $2/ea.
Venusaur: SOLD

Metal Keychains (w/o chain)
Raichu (bronze): SOLD
Raichu (silver): SOLD
Mew (silver): $10
Lapras (bronze): $5
Lapras (gold): $5
Lapras (silver): $5
Meowth (silver): $5
Pikachu (silver): $2
Ditto (silver): $10
Togepi (bronze): $3

Keychains A
Johto Dex Oddish Charm: SOLD
Lugia (small mark on wing and tail): $5
Driftblim: $5
Ivysaur: SOLD

Keychains B
Charmander: $2
Charmander (mark on belly): $1
Charmelon: $1
Charizard: SOLD
Marill: $2
Squirtle: $1
Venusaur: SOLD
Chansey: SOLD
Rayquaza: $3
Chikorita (w/blue ball): SOLD
Chikorita (on top of red ball): SOLD
Corsola: SOLD

Keychains C
Salamence: SOLD OUT
Treecko: SOLD
Absol: $15
Togepi: SOLD
Chikorita (Banpresto): SOLD
Chikorita Clip (blue insert): $2
Chikorita Clip (iridescent/green insert): SOLD
Hoothoot: SOLD
Jirachi: SOLD OUT
Bellossom: SOLD
Rapidash: SOLD
Jigglypuff: SOLD
Chikorita/Meganium Evolution: SOLD
Chikorita bell: SOLD
Cyndaquil clip: SOLD
Charmander/Charizard Evolution: $10
Pikachu/Poliwag: $3
Haunter/Gengar Evolution: SOLD
Kirlia: SOLD OUT
Pikachu: SOLD
Mudkip: SOLD
Torchic: SOLD

Keychains D
Talking Chikorita (WORKING) x2: $10
Glow-in-dark Mew: $10
Venusaur: SOLD OUT
Clefair: SOLD
Hoothoot: SOLD
Vaporeon: $25
Mew x1: $3/ea.
Nidorina: $2
Bulbasaur: SOLD

Bellossom (tush tag): $10
Mudkip (no tags): SOLD
Bulbasaur (tush tag): SOLD
Bulbasaur (tush tag, plush-to-ball): $2
Squirtle (tush tag, plush-to-ball): SOLD
Charmander Pencil Topper (tush tag): $3
Chikorita: SOLD
Phanpy (tush tag, hang tag): SOLD
Pachirisu Friends (tush tag, tiny mark on one eye): $8
Articuno BK (tush tag, small tear in ribbon): SOLD

Charizard (tush tag): $3
Mew (tush tag, hang tag): $15
Entei (tush tag): $40
Glameow (tush tag, hang tag): $15
Darkrai PokeDoll (tush tag, hang tag): $20
Marill (tush tag): $10

Name Tags
Poliwhirl: SOLD
Koffing x2: $2/ea.
Jigglypuff: $3 --HOLD: zeal
Bulbasaur: SOLD

Name Tag
Horsea: $5
Coin Purses
Poliwag: SOLD
Squirtle: $3
Eevee: $10

Trozei Mini Magnets
Each are just under 1in x 1in (2.5cm x 2.5cm)
Venusaur: SOLD
Spinda: $3
Quagsire: $5
Zapdos: $5
Kecleon: $5
Elekid: $3
Nidoqueen: $5
Ninetales: $5
Entei: $5
Treecko: $3
Milotic: SOLD
Pidgeotto: $5
Slowpoke: SOLD
Person: Free with any purchase

Stainless Steel Children's/Dessert Forks
Jigglypuff: $5 --HOLD: zeal
Squirtle: $5

Mew: $5
Bellossom: $5
Plusle: $3
Altaria: $10

Gold Coins
Machamp: $0.50
Jigglypuff: $1
Aerodactyl: SOLD
Moltres: SOLD
Eevee: SOLD
Nidoking: SOLD
Ninetales: $5

Bronze Coins
Aerodactyl: $3
Nidoking: SOLD
Jigglypuff: $1
Arcanine: $5

Gunmetal Grey Coins
Clefairy: $1
Eevee: $3
Moltres: $5
Venusaur: $3
Mew: $5

Silver Coins
Aerodactyl: $3
Machamp: $1
Clefairy: $1
Pikachu (jumping): SOLD
CHansey: $1
Pikachu (sitting): SOLD
Poliwhirl: $1
Alakazam: $3
Gengar: $3
Arcanine: $5
Eevee: $3
Nintales: $5
Mew: $5
Mewtwo: $10
Moltres: $5
Dragonite: $5

Battrio A
Jolteon: $10
Vaporeon: $10
Haunter: $5
Murkrow: $3
Dragonair: $5

Battrio B
Espeon: $10
Leafeon: $10
Glaceon: $5
Umbreon: SOLD
Jolteon: $10
Vaporeon: $10
Eevee: $5

Battrio C
Scyther: $3
Piplup: $1
Psyduck: $1
Pidgeotto: $1
Turtwig: $1
Chimchar: $1
Vespiquen: $2
Bonzor: $1
Bulbasaur: SOLD
Onix: $1
Diglett: $1
Squirtle: $1
Croagunk: $1
Charmander: $1
Electabuzz: $1

Waps A
Azurill (holo): $1
Cacnea (holo): SOLD
Masquerain: $1
Castform (holo, ice form): $1
Aron: $2
Marill: $2
Lotad: SOLD
Chimecho: $1
Castform (fire form, sticker peeling): $0.50
Cacturne: SOLD
Surskit: SOLD
Numel: $1
Nuzleaf: $1
Treecko (holo): $1

Waps B
Milotic: SOLD
Dawn (holo): $3
Kyogre (holo): $3
Mightyena: $10
Shedninja: $5
Lanturn: $5
Latias (holo): $5

Mewtwo Set $20

Jigglypuff: $3
Chikorita: $3
Pikachu: SOLD
Electrode: SOLD
Pichu: SOLD
Togepi: SOLD
Clefairy: SOLD

Eevee Collection 2008 Promo Watch (working, will fit adult wrist): $25
Chikorita Watch (needs new battery, will fit adult wrist): SOLD
Delcatty Wap: SOLD
Marshtomp Wap: $1
Shelgon Wap: $1
Chikorita/Pichu/Pikachu Bottle Cap: SOLD
Ho-oh/Lugia Tissues: $10
Chikorita Chopsticks Rest: SOLD
Totodile Chopsticks Rest: SOLD
Metapod Battrio Memo book w/ Butterfree sticker: $2
Flareon/Vaporeon/Jolteon Batomen Pack (no contents) x5: $1/ea.

Batomen (Pog-like)
Jynx: $5
Haunter x1: $1/ea.
Chansey x3: $0.50/ea.
Porygon: $1
Butterfree: $1
Dragonair: $3
Kangaskhan: $0.50
Hitmonlee x2: $0.25/ea.
Gengar: $1
Ditto: $1
Kingler x2: $0.25/ea.
Aerodactyl x2: $1/ea.
Electrode x2: $0.50/ea.
Ryhorn x2: $0.50/ea.
Arbok x1: $1/ea.
Vileplume: $3
Venonat: $0.25
Omastar: $1
Mankey: $0.25
Victreebel: SOLD
Clefable: $0.25
Golem: $0.50
Exeggutor x2: $0.25/ea.
Kabutops: $1
Pinsir: $0.50
Golbat: $0.50
Pidgeot: $1
Dugtrio: $0.50
Persian: $1
Primeape x2: $0.25
Sandslash: SOLD
Parasect: SOLD
Machoke: $0.25
Beedrill (holo): $1
Mini Battle Discs
Articuno x2: $5/ea.
Mew: $5

PokeDoll Handkerchief (Salamence, Ludicolo, Absol, Mudkip, Whismur, Treecko, Torchic, Plusle, Jirachi, Minun): $40
Chikorita Thing (MIB, no clue wtf this is |D;; ): SOLD

Hot Mats
Absol: $40
Rayquaza: SOLD
Kyogre: $10
Groudon: $10

Metal Dog Tags
Feraligatr: $5
Zubat x2: $0.50/ea.
Kadabara: SOLD
Raticate: SOLD
Cacnea: SOLD
Bagon: $1
Linoone: SOLD
Gardevoir: SOLD
Kirlia: SOLD
Ralts x2: SOLD OUT
Blaziken: SOLD
Marshtomp: $1
Steelix: $1
Pidgey: SOLD
Glalie: $1
Grovyle: $1
Makuhita: $0.25
Skitty: $2
Ekans: SOLD
Torkoal: $1
Bulbasaur: SOLD
Ludicolo: $0.25
Snorunt: $2
Cascoon x2: $0.25/ea.
Bayleef: $3
Delcatty: $1
Plusle: $1
Minun: $1
Chikorita: SOLD
Vigoroth x1: $1/ea.
Lairon x2: $1/ea.
Dragonite: $5
Dratini: $5
Charizard: SOLD
Slaking: $0.50
Charmander: $1
Jolteon: $10
Exploud: SOLD
Loudred: SOLD
Registeel: $3
Regirock: $3
Regice: $3

Battle Pencils
Farfetch'd: $3
Rattata: SOLD
Sandshrew: $1
Magmar: SOLD
Caterpie: SOLD
Tangela: $0.50
Moltres: SOLD
Vileplume: SOLD
Blastoise: $1
Poliwag/Poliwhirl: $0.25
Dratini/Dragonair: $5
Charmander/Charmelon: $1
Mewtwo: $5
Grimer: SOLD
Zapdos: $3
Mankey: $0.50
Pidgey: $1
Ponyta: SOLD
Arbok: SOLD
Weedle/Kakuna: $0.50
Onix: $0.50
Fearow: $1
Victreebel: SOLD
Articuno: $3
Magneton: $1

Pikachu/Ditto (FLEXIBLE!): SOLD
Pikachu (brown) x2: SOLD OUT
Mew (brown) x1: $1/ea.
Venusaur/Charizard x2: $1/ea.
Lugia/Pikachu/Heracross/Ledian: $1
Poliwhirl x2: $0.50
Jigglypuff/Clefairy: SOLD
Pikachu/Raichu (couple marks on words, not on characters): $5
Deoxys/Rayquaza/Pikachu/Plusle/Minun x1: $1/ea.
Poliwag/Horsea: SOLD
Giratina/Garchomp/Dialga/Gallade/Palkia/Lunatone/Lucario x1: $1/ea.
Diglett/Dugtrio: $1
Growlithe: $15

Rapidash: SOLD
Ivysaur: $0.50
Poliwag: $0.50
Machamp: $0.50
Paras: SOLD
Scyther: $1
Diglett: $0.50
Mewtwo: $10
Magnemite: $0.50
Charmelon: $1
Jigglypuff: SOLD
Seaking: SOLD
Rhydon: $0.50
Kakuna: $0.50
Voltorb: $0.50
Dragonite: $10
Exeggcute: $0.50
Golem: $1
Venonat: $0.50
Venusaur: $1
Tentacool: $1
Marill: $1
Zapdos: SOLD
Slowpoke: SOLD
Rattata: SOLD
Ditto: $3

Weedle: $0.50
Nidoran F: SOLD
Eevee: $10
Clefable: $0.50
Staryu: $0.50
Charizard: $5
Lapras: $1
Dragonair: $5
Abra: SOLD
Snorlax: $0.50
Kabuto: $1
Geodude: $0.50
Goldeen: SOLD
Squirtle: $1
Omanyte: $1
Growlithe: SOLD
Blastoise: $1
Vileplume: $5
Horsea: SOLD
Lickiting: $1
Primeape: $0.50
Shellder: $0.50
Pikachu: $0.50
Machop: $0.50
Arbok: SOLD

Pre-order Lugia: SOLD
Pre-order Ho-oh: $10
Ho-oh/Lugia DSi Case: $10
Chikorita Stylus: SOLD
Totodile Stylus: $8
Ho-oh/Lugia Basic Kit MIB: $12
Ho-oh/Lugia Promo TRU Gift Card (No Retail Value): $10

I'm interested in the following
Minun Bell Keychain
Keychain A Lugia

My zip code is 88007 :3

Epic LJ fail for not notifying me of replies to here. -_(\ If by some chance you are still interested and want those items, they'd be $9.75 shipped. If not, totally cool since it took me so long to even realize someone wanted to buy something. I do apologize for that. My paypal is lithium.kitsune[at] Thanks!

Could I get the Mew bell to US 75137 please? Thank you! :3

Epic LJ fail for not notifying me of replies to here. -_(\ If by some chance you are still interested and want the mew bell, it'd be $7.50 shipped. If not, totally cool since it took me so long to even realize someone wanted to buy something. I do apologize for that. My paypal is lithium.kitsune[at] Thanks!

You wouldn't happen to have that Vulpix FCS still available would you? What would shipping be to 30909 :3?

Epic LJ fail for not notifying me of replies to here. -_(\ If by some chance you are still interested and want the vulpix FCS, it'd be $6.50 shipped. If not, totally cool since it took me so long to even realize someone wanted to buy something. I do apologize for that. My paypal is lithium.kitsune[at] Thanks!

Is the Bulbasaur keshimon still available?

It is! It'd be $12.25 shipped within the US or $13.25 shipped if you live in another country. If you're fine with that, please send the amount that applies to you to lithium.kitsune[at] Thanks!

Hi there~ How much would the bottom left Seviper settei (if it's...still available) be shipped to 23693? =D

It'd be $12.75 shipped. :3 If you're fine with that, please send that amount to lithium.kitsune[at] and include LJ ID and item purchased in the memo. Thanks!

hello! just wondering, how much would the nidorina keychain figure be shipped to the US?

It'd be $4.50 shipped. If you're fine with that then please send that amount to lithium.kitsune[at] and include LJ ID and item purchased in the memo. Thanks!

i'd like the staryu crayon
shipped to montreal, canada (:

It'd be $3 shipped. :3 Please send that amount to lithium.kitsune[at] and include LJ ID and item purchased in the memo. Thanks!

Do you still have the leafeon battrio?

oopss, nvm just found one =p
Thanks anyways

Are you still selling? If so how much for the Dawn expressions settei from image A, Diglett battrio and Diglett/Dugtrio pencil to the UK?

Sales? :)

I'm interested in your bellossom plush. To 65803? :) My e-mail is, much thnx. ^^

My name is Rodrigo and I'm from Brazil
I became interested in buying
Skitty line (baseless): $20
Zigzagoon line (baseless): $20

My e-mail:
I look back

Hey! Do you have any idea if the stuff from here is still available? :O

I was interested in the Diglett circle keychain thing.. is it still here? :)

Are any of these things still available? If so I'd be interested in the Marill plushie, I live in the UK though, what would shipping be like? Thanksuu~

Hello there! 8D Just wondering, how much would the Venusaur Metal Swing Keychain and Spinda Trozei Mini Magnet would be to Australia? c:


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