Shop Info/Policies

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If you have been banned from pkmncollectors I will not do business with you.

If you send me a PM, please have your own LJ PM settings so registered users can send you messages. Otherwise, you can PM me but I cannot reply to you.

All rules/guidelines as posted on pkmncollectors also stands.

☆ PayPal Only
NO HOLDS. (Unless you are on my LJ friends list and/or speak to me frequently on AIM.)
☆ Prices in USD.
☆ Shipping is from US, but I ship everywhere.
☆ Shipping/handling amount will vary based on items bought and their price.
☆ I reserve the right not to sell to someone with or without reason given.
☆ Any questions? Ask before buying or I can't be held responsible for something being one way when you thought another without asking.
☆ Insurance can be added for an additional fee and at request only. If insurance is not added, I am not to be held responsible for the item after it leaves my hands.
☆ Haggling is allowed within reason. However, if someone after you is willing to pay my asking price they will get the item before you if I have not accepted your offer.

Important Notes
☆ My house is 100% smoke-free but 100% cat-friendly. One can expect cat hair and/or dander.
☆ Payments made by eCheck must clear before I ship.
☆ Please pay within 12hrs from the time I give you your total or your items will go to the next person who expressed interest.
☆ Some items are mildly loved and may show such (none have any rips/tears, please use photos to determine quality). If there is concerned about condition, please inquire.
☆ On average, I ship anywhere from 5-10 business days from the time payment is received.

Trades/Partial Trades
☆ Flareon: No flats or customs. Zangoose: No TCG or customs.
☆ If trade/partial trade accepted, your half must be sent out and received before I send my half.

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