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ritzyfoxx wrote in ritzyfox
Currently, there are no auctions!

Please make sure you have read my policies! By making a purchase/bidding you are agreeing that you have read and agree to my policies in their entirety.

★ Auctions end at _______________ at ____ EST.
★ All bids must be made in increments of whole dollars (i.e. $2, $10) bids not made in whole dollars (i.e. $2.50, $10.01) will not be counted and deleted without notification.
★ Any comments made to bid threads that are not related to bidding will be deleted.
★ If you attempt to snipe within 10mins from auction end, I will extend that auction thread by 10mins to allow for counter-bidding.
★ Bid as a reply to the last bidder or it will not count.


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